WASHINGTON, D.C. - BELGRADE - January 8, 2008 - The BLAGO Fund increased the accessibility of Serbian historical and artistic treasures today with the release of a new collection of photographs and media. As the first release from the BLAGO field expedition of July 2007 to the Patriarchate of Pec monastery complex, the full media from the church of St. Nicholas is available today on the BLAGO Fund web site. The collection consists of 253 detailed fresco photographs, as well as two virtual reality movies.

 The small Church of St Nicholas was founded by Archbishop Danilo II around year 1320. The original frescoes have not survived. The second painting of the church, commissioned by patriarch Makarije in 1673, is represented in the BLAGO archive. The frescoes were created by Radul, the most famous Serbian painter of the late 17th century. The founders' composition on the south wall showing St Nicholas taking Patriarch Makarije to Jesus Christ. Notable portraits of the Serbian saints Simon Nemanja and Sava, as well as archbishops Arsenije I and Danilo I are present on the north wall. These frescoes, as well as others, can be accessed for study in great detail through the BLAGO Fund web site.

The archive can be found at .

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