minej_icon.jpg07/25/2003 - Since the end of the XVIIth century Manasija monastery has been assembling educated monks who have fostered literary and copying work, called the Resava School.

For the first time a valuable manuscript for XIVc is available on-line. Please visit our archive a

isposnica_main.jpgStudenica, August 2002 - In the summer of 2002, while creating an archive of the King's Church in Studenica, BLAGO team went for a filed trup to the sanctuary of St Sava.


Visit the gallery of the trip in the BLAGO Archives




Mileseva, Summer 2002 - Fund Blago of the Serbian Unity Congress continues its work on the preservation and restoration of the most beautiful frescoes of our medieval art. The financial aid provided last year, allowed for the urgent restoration of the renowned frescos White Angel and the Last Supper. The next valuable item to be preserved is part of a unique wall fresco known as The Nemanjics Procession which is composed of several pictures.

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novi_andjeo.jpgMileseva, 18.01.2002. - Do ovog otkrica doslo se kada je freska "Tajne vecere" iz 16. veka preseljena u drugi deo hrama, a na njenom prethodnom mestu ukazali se fragmenti zivopisa sa prizorima iz scene silaska Isusa Hristosa u ad, koji potice iz 13. veka, kaze mr Miroslav Stanojlovic, konzervator milesevskih fresaka.

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