nemanjic_coinIn June of 2008, BLAGO Fund went to Kosovo & Metohija to record and archive some smaller churches and monasteries. Radmilo Bozinovic, the author of this story, was with BLAGO for the first time. Beside being part of the crew for the archiving work, this is also Radmilo's personal pilgrimage to an area regarded as a cradle of Serbian identity and heritage, with many hundreds of churches and monasteries from medieval period of Serbian state.

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The Blago Fund Team donated slides and DVDs on Serbian monasteries to the Princeton and Harvard Universities. Slides and DVDs were created by Blago field team during their years of extensive work in Monastery Mileseva, August 2000, 195 slides; Monastery Studenica, Monastery Gracanica, June 2003, 98 slides; Monastery Decani, June 2004, 21 slides; Monastery Sopocani, August 2005, 53 slides; Monastery Ravanica, 173 scanned pictures.

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tamnica.jpgWASHINGTON DC - BELGRADE - DECANI - June 2008 - The BLAGO Fund completed another field trip to Kosovo and Metohija and continued to archive Serbian heritage. This time the focus was on smaller and remote churches, mostly dating back to the 13th century. The churches in Lipljan, Vaganis, Temenik, and St. Nicholas and St. John the Forerunner in Velika Hoca were completely archived, with virtual reality and photographs of fresco paintings.  The BLAGO team is thankful to the sisterhoods and brotherhoods of Monasteries Gradac, Sokolica, Gracanica, and Decani for their warm hospitality. They also deeply grateful for the blessing of Bishop Artemije, and the logistic and other support received from the Diocesan staff.

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index of christian artPrinceton ShieldWASHINGTON DC - June 2008 - BLAGO Fund donated six hundred 35 mm slides from monasteries Ravanica, Mileseva, Studenica, Gracanica, Decani, and Sopocani to the Index of Christian Art of Princeton University. Acompanied with slides were two DVDs (BLAGO Contribution 1 & 2) with scanned images of the slide collection. The gift was received by Director of the Index, Colum Hourihane. BLAGO Fund is enthusiastic about the prospect of a long-term working relationship with this preeminent institution is the domain of Christian art, and is grateful for the financial support received from Princeton University.

Index of Christian Art can be found at


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